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Honeywell HL400 earplug dispenser


Honeywell is an American company with over 100 years of experience in the health and safety industry. For years, the supplier of solutions improving the safety and comfort of people, used in industry, housing and everyday life.

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Honeywell HL400 earplug dispenser

Black colour

Dispenser caps are sold separately.

Earplug dispenser Howard Leight HL 400/ Honeywell.

  • The dispenser with a durable plastic construction is intended for the distribution of disposable hearing protectors.
  • The dispenser provides easy and quick access to disposable plugs, is an economical, hygienic and friendly solution for every employee.
  • The design allows it to be mounted on a wall or used as a free-standing unit, providing access for every employee.
  • The plugs are dispensed using a rotating knob with 180˚ access, which facilitates their dispensing. A sink has been placed in the lower part, which prevents the plugs from falling to the ground.

The dispenser holds 400 pairs of Howard Leight disposable earplugs:

  • MAX
  • MAX Small
  • MAX Lite
  • Laser Lite
  • FirmFit
  • Multi Max

The dispenser can be refilled by inserting a new pre-filled canister or reusing an empty canister and filling it with earplugs using the top zip-top bag.

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