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Earplugs 3M EAR TRACERS (TR-01-000)

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3M is a well-known and appreciated professional company with many years of experience in the health and safety industry, producing high-quality personal protective equipment.


Earplugs 3M EAR TRACERS (TR-01-000)

Reusable three-flange earplugs made of flexible, pre-formed elastomeric polymer to fit most ear canal sizes. They can be called as earplugs for travelers, because thanks to their properties as well as a handy case that you can always have with you and a string, thanks to which you will not accidentally lose the plugs hanging around your neck, they are an ideal solution for travelers. Tracers earplugs have the same advantages as UltraFit earplugs, but they are also detectable by metal detector devices.

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50 pairs (Box), 1 pair, 5 pairs, 10 pairs, 20 pairs, 25 pairs


32 dB