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Earplugs Honeywell PERCAP on a headband (HON-1005952)

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Honeywell is an American company with over 100 years of experience in the health and safety industry. For years, the supplier of solutions that improve the safety and comfort of people, used in industry, housing and everyday life.


Earplugs Honeywell PERCAP on a headband (HON-1005952)

The multi-position design of the Honeywell PERCAP plugs gives the possibility of wearing in many positions on the head, under the chin or on the neck. The design of the PERCAP earplugs also allows for the complete folding of the plugs, which makes it easier to store or carry them, e.g. in a pocket.

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10 pairs (Box), 1 pair, 5 pairs


24 dB