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Semi-active ear plugs 3M PELTOR Combat Arms CAE 4.1

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3M is a world-renowned and respected professional company with many years of experience in the OHS industry, producing high-quality personal protection accessories.


Semi-active ear plugs 3M PELTOR Combat Arms CAE 4.1

The 3M Combat Arms Earplugs Version 4.1, also known as CAE 4.1, are semi-active earplugs. They have a special channel that brings ambient sounds to the ear, and on the outside there is a switch that allows you to close or open the channel. The open mode allows you to hear ambient sounds and allow you to talk, while the closed mode provides a higher level of hearing protection. In closed mode, the SNR is 28 dB and in open mode it is 16 dB. The inserts do not require power and are easy to carry and store. They feature a soft stabilizer, an easy-to-use open/close switch and a patented mechanical filter to protect against impulse noise. In addition, the set includes 2 replaceable strings connecting the inserts and a plastic storage box.

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28 dB